Shrimp Production Status in Brazil

After WSSV hit farmers located at the southeast shoreline of northeastern states from Bahia to Pernambuco in 2011, and spreading slowly to reach farmers at Rio Grande do Norte and Ceara states in the northern shoreline, production seems to be stabilizing a little bit.  New strategies in management including high density cultures in small greenhoused lined ponds are helping with the recovery of production levels with results in production ranging 20-50 MT of 18 gram shrimp in 100-120 DOC.  The lack of SPF/SPR postlarvae to stock the conventional open sky earthen ponds is the major issue for the complete recovery in production. Few hatcheries are starting with new strategies to get better lines of domesticated broodstock.  In the meantime, farmers try to survive using postlarvae comming from certain WSSV ‘tolerant lines’ with aceptable zootechnical results ranging 800-1.000 kg/ha or more in a 90 DOC for a 15 gram shrimp starting from 0.3-0.8 gram juveniles.

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